About Us


Welcome to All Saints Church Dedworth 🙂

All Saint’s Church, Dedworth is a Christ centred, life-giving, inclusive church, committed to serving God, who is empowering us to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the community and beyond.

A living church

We are an evangelical church that believes our love for Jesus Christ should be reflected in the many ways we serve and work within the community.



An involved congregation

We have over 250+ regular worshippers of all ages, many of whom are actively involved in the everyday life of the church. Worship ranges from the more traditional to the energetic family service.


Engaged with the community

We are at the centre of the community : we provide regular school assemblies, services in the local care homes, our community cafe, the events we run and support at the church and in the community and rooms for the use of non-church groups


Where do we think God is leading us?

  • To create a kingdom without walls; bringing more people to Jesus through evangelism; going out into the community with the power of God to share the message of Jesus;
  • Being open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit;
  • To greater mission, so the church is more mobile and less comfortable, coupled with a continued focus on compassionate pastoral care;
  • To strengthen and develop our work with young people and schools;
  • To have inspiring leadership with a team of passionately led ministry groups;
  • To engage more people fully with God; and
  • To become a beacon of Christ’s light within our community alongside the other Christian churches.


Where are we now?

Strengths   Challenges
Increasingly open to the gifts of the Spirit Faith Not always confident to seek and take opportunities to bring people into the family of God
A stable congregation of all ages with loyal and lively members with a wide range of talents Congregation We have varying ages in the congregation, and we need to learn to reap the harvest that has been sown among all ages
An engaged congregation guided by the Holy Spirit and led in a team structure which is open to change and willing to reach out in pastoral care Life A congregation where there are some differing opinions that need to be helped through change
A wide range of worship for different needs, particularly families. We are at the heart of the community with a developed mission in schools and to the elderly and sick Community Providing a future plan for outreach to a proposed change in population, in view of planned new builds within the parish
We have a good, multi-purpose building, extended to meet the diverse needs of the church and community Practicalities Finances are well managed and giving is stable but only growing slowly





What God enables us to do for community and congregation

BOLD COMMUNITY OUTREACH · Leading/supporting community events,

· Working with local officials and institutions

· Hosting secular and spiritual events at our church put on by third parties

· Working with local media


· Take the message of Christ’s birth and resurrection around the community in a double-decker bus to many hundreds in the community

· Preaching at racecourse

· Hustings, Windsor Fringe events, close liaison with local radio

· Helping with local homeless projects

OUTREACH TO THE ELDERLY AND PASTORAL CARE · members of the congregation take God to the elderly of our community, inside and outside the congregation with visits and services.

· Those in hospital and lonely visited by informal team

· Work closely with Cross Roads, a secular care organisation with office at All Saints

· Services regularly held at several old people’s homes

· Lunches for the elderly at church on Fridays



· Funeral services are used as a significant opportunity for outreach; families are welcome to use the church premises and café for after service receptions

· Huge commitment is shown in supporting the bereaved before and after the funeral

· Large number of funerals undertaken per year both at All Saints and elsewhere

· Links with local funeral companies

· Many blessings from such work including numerous families joining church

YOUNG PEOPLE · Our 2 to 17-year olds are split into different groups both on Sundays and elsewhere

· Separate groups for ‘Mums and Tots’ and ‘Grandmas and Tots’ meet regularly

· Dance, sing and run the IT at our deceptively chaotic Family Service

· Bible discussions

· Weekends away: Local get togethers, visits to Soul Survivor, Big Church family etc.

SCHOOLS · Engage with children and teachers at all the schools in the parish with assemblies and roadshows (themed RE Days)

· Spread the word by inviting schools to All Saints’ and holding Bible clubs

· Incumbent and congregation are members of the governing bodies and PTAs

· Regular school assemblies

· 500 attended Easter Services at All Saints and 1,000 attended a mixture of shows and services at Christmas

· Many examples of Biblically themed holiday clubs in the summer





· We encourage secular and Christian groups to use rooms

· Viewed as outreach accepting donations, not a business arrangement

· Groups participate in church life, surrendering meeting rooms for events and joining us in café

· We want more such organisations to join our community hub and experience the richness of God’s welcome

Used by 20 groups with several hundred attending per week:

· Vulnerable:  Alcoholics Anonymous, Art Mental Health, Dementia Groups, Drugs/Smart

· Support Groups: Men’s Matters, Sands, Breast Cancer, Crafts Groups

· Affiliations: Rainbows, Brownies

· Ad hoc: one-off meetings, local councillor sessions, specific courses



· The Running Man Café (5th year) is an important part of life at All Saints’

· Open for fantastic coffee, tea, a wide range of breakfast and lunchtime snacks & homemade cakes

· The café is part of our offering to the community

Used by:

· those gathering before a funeral or baptism

· those using the counselling services in the church and other groups

· A growing number of local residents and workers brought in by its amazingly low prices

· Church members



All regarded as part of building up the church family and community:

· Many social groups and activities meeting in the recent past

· Organised popular social and fundraising events for church and community

· Major events and fairs seen as part of outreach

· Weekends away


· Social Groups: e.g. Book Club, Christian Aid, Film nights, Men’s social group

· Social and Fundraising events: Wine Call My Bluff, Themed Food, Quiz Nights, Jazz evenings, Barn Dances, Rock Bands

· Major events: “Dare to be Dedworth” festival and a whole host of fairs, craft events both at the church and around the community

· Pilgrimages include Iona, Lindisfarne and Canterbury (2016); Family weekends at pastoral centres.



We continue to run many Bible study groups, house groups and alpha-type courses. At least three Bible studies per week and some home study groups have taken place including a men’s Bible group, with around 30 men working on courses such as ‘Christianity Explored’. A prayer session is held every Monday where we pray alternately for Schools, Community, Church and World

In addition, from September 2016 to August 2017, we had a year of learning, praying and waiting. We closed down many of our activities in order to have a year of theological and practical training, with weekly classes using our own material but l based on St Margaret’s Theology Academy and other sources, including: Hermeneutics; History of Discipleship & Today; Mission & Evangelism Training; and Pastoral Care Training.



Worship and Preaching


We offer a range of services to suit different inclinations and styles but at all of these we show particularly warm hospitality to visitors.


Current weekly services at All Saints

Day Time Typical numbers Type and participation
Sunday  9:30 50 Traditional communion service
Sunday 10:45 80 – 100 Family service offering. It is a lively, varied, sometimes “messy” and joyful service – and different every week
Tuesday  9:30 10 Celtic prayer – informal
Wednesday 12:30 20 Traditional Holy Communion service-quiet and reflective
Wednesday 19:30 25 Holy Communion, for adults of all ages-joyful, prayer, praise and move to charismatic

Not every weekday service is always taken by the incumbent.

All Saints is active at Christmas and Easter, with many different services including some 400 attending our Christingle services from the church and the community. This year, we gave services in the church and from our double decker bus right round the community on Christmas Eve. Over 1,000 children from local schools enjoyed our short pantomime on the Wise Men in Advent and there were several other carol services. At Easter 500 children attended special services at All Saints.


  • We have musicians and organists and praise God with new and traditional songs
  • We have an up to date IT system, which has brought a new dimension to our worship although with the usual new skills needed


Our Vision

Our vision is firstly to increase the commitment of all the congregation to walk more closely with Jesus and to be open to the Holy Spirit and secondly to increase the numbers attending our services as we win more souls from the community and change lives


Our Parish

  • All Saints’ Church, Dedworth, based to the west of central Windsor, in Berkshire.
  • The Parish accounts for 37% of the entire population of Windsor. However, it is important to realise that this is separate to and unlike central Windsor.

This is a self-contained urban parish significantly poorer than surrounding areas. It has its share of challenges, hardship, real needs and opportunities for us to help.