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All Saints Church Centre
Dedworth Road
United Kingdom


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Additional Information about the Parish of Dedworth

1= All Saints Dedworth, 2= Spital (part of St Andrew’s Clewer) 3= St Andrew’s Clewer


Feature Details
Dedworth population, (1) 11,422 (Other neighbouring parishes populations: Clewer St Andrews  7,152, Clewer St Stephen with Spital 4,532, Windsor Holy Trinity 2,620, New Windsor  5,297)
Geographical size 1.2 square miles
Composition Mainly residential housing and support services
Housing · Wide range of housing stock with expensive and social housing existing alongside each other

· High rise social housing and MOD estate of married quarters

· Large estates of small owner-occupied housing as well as some large detached properties

· Population increasing with one new housing development having 450 new homes, several apartment developments underway

Schools and Elderly · Four community first schools and one community middle school, plus

· a C of E first school in the neighbouring parish of St Andrews which is attended by many church families

· Three care homes for elderly, fourth shared services with St Andrews

Churches · Friendly relations with nearby Baptist and Catholic churches

· Also with neighbouring parish of St Andrews

Other services & employment · Small industrial estate

· One marina, another marina nearby

· Two significant garden centres

· Royal Windsor Racecourse nearby

Shops · Number of local shops in two main areas near All Saints and 500 yards further east

· Tesco superstore 400 yards to west of All Saints

· Regular bus services to Central Windsor town centre


Please note: We have a church car park located to the right of the building if you’re travelling to us by car, there is no cost for parking in our church car park as long as you’re visiting the church.