Inside the Church

Situated right at the heart of Dedworth, we have a 1970’s modern building, with capacity to seat a congregation of approximately 300 – 350. It is a very adaptable building, providing venues for a variety of community activities as follows:


Main parts of church and purpose

Main Body of the Church · Services: Sunday/Wednesday and special services at other times

· Community Groups (Alzheimer’s, Art, Brownies) and Events (Salsa, Call my Bluff Evenings)

Chapel (2016) · Devotion: Private prayer and groups, Bible study, Sunday school

· Opened up for big services

Porch building (2010) · Meeting and counselling rooms for external, community-driven organisations and church groups/Sunday School

· Office (used by Cross Roads Social Care)

Running Man Café · Church & Community café for community drop-ins and


· Named after a statue on the cross of All Saints’ steeple

Fig Tree Courtyard


· Play area for children

· Relaxing area used after Sunday services

· Café tables in the summer


Two features of our modern church are:

  • The foyer and main altar area are famously graced by some William Morris/Burne Jones stained glass windows; and
  • we also have highly attractive murals painted in the church and chapel by a member of the congregation depicting the life, death and resurrection of Jesus


Interested in room bookings?

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More images of our church: