Message of the Week

This week’s message of the week!

Louise Brown:

Advent, what a wonderful time of year. A waiting season, for something that is definitely coming but is not here yet. For many people it is simply the panic four weeks before another Christmas. So much to be done, so much to organise, so many queues, so many invitations to avoid or to accept. For the Christian church it is a time to reflect on the meaning of God being born, special services, hymns we sadly only sing at this time of year, and even in church the panic can set in if we allow it. Stopping the panic and the busyness is down to each of us wanting to spend a few moments of each day doing what advent means that is waiting. Taking time to sit quietly and to contemplate.
Yet advent is more than just this year and another Christmas, advent is waiting expectantly, excitedly for the return of Jesus to this earth. He’s coming back as ’King of Kings and Lord of Lord’, to restore for the final time His kingdom, to bring people out of darkness for all time, to bring peace and healing. This is not fake news it is true. Just because we cannot know the time of this coming does not mean it is not going to happen. Just because we cannot know how long we have got does not mean we cannot prepare. ‘Today’, says the scriptures ‘is the day of salvation, harden not your hearts’. Every day we should find ways to bless one another, to pray for one another, to see one another as being ‘made in the image of God’. The season of Advent 2017 can be the start of you inviting God to guide you into His ways of justice and peace, to ask for a greater vision of God and His return, to not be afraid to share the good news of His return and to invite your family and friends to come and share in a Christmas service this year to remember His first coming and be prepared to welcome Him in His second coming.
Here at All Saints we will make you welcome, as together we make Jesus welcome this advent and Christmas.
Looking forward to seeing you. Louise