Running Man Café

The café is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm.
Open daily serving good coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soft drinks, jacket potatoes, toasted sandwiches, soup, salads, breakfast, homemade cakes, light lunchtime snacks, someone to chat to, a place to meet, a place to work and much more. This is what we can offer you at our community café. Informal and friendly. Situated in All Saints Church Dedworth (if lost follow our direction signs that we have at all entrances to the church).
Our Menu:

You can view or download our full-text version of the menu here:



We are also an Internet Café
Computers, printing, Wi-Fi and much more available inside, you can find out more information about our computer room facilities by clicking here.



Interested in joining the café staff team?
More recruitment information will be available online soon, for now if you’re interested in volunteering feel free to ask the staff in the café for more details about joining in and helping.


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Contact us:
You can reach us on:  or get into contact with our staff team via email by clicking here.



Light refreshments always available. Do come and join us.
We look forward to serving you!