The priests that have served at All Saints’

From 1866 All Saints operated as a daughter church of St Andrew’s, Clewer and responsibility for it rested with one of the curates from St. Andrew’s.  From 1900 to 1950 there was a new priest every 2-3 years.

The register begins on 11th October 1911 when the Curate-in-Charge was G.B.Budibent, but already by November of the same year that had changed to A. F. Bliss, although Mr. Budibent continued to take services at All Saints along with the Rector of St. Andrew’s, Arthur T.C.Cowie, and many other people until 25th November 1917 when E. Keith Keily was put in charge until 30th March 1919.

This pattern continues under William Elwell as the Rector at St. Andrew’s with no one person in charge for more than a few months in some cases, and never more than three years until 1st November 1945 when Nawton Hall was in charge until 13th March 1950.

After that Father A.R.Methuen was appointed on 14th April 1950 and remained in post at All Saints’ until 24th August 1975.

 Father Methuen

In 1950 Father Methuen started a 25 year period as Priest Missioner at All Saints’. He was much loved by the parishioners.  Mrs. Methuen doing her part ran the Women’s Guild.  In 1957 All Saints’ became a Conventional District, which meant the church had to run its own affairs.  This time of his leadership saw a period of stability but also a dramatic change in the fortunes of the church building.

On 14th May 1976 Rev. John. Anthony Stone was appointed as Priest Missioner.  He was a young man and brought a new lease of life to the community. He came with his wife Dilys, and their two young children, Ceinwen and Gwilym, were born during the time they were in Dedworth.


In 1982 All Saints’ became a separate parish, with Revd. John as its own vicar – the first Vicar of Dedworth (with Freehold).

Sister Gina (of the Convent of St John the Baptist in Hatch Lane) worked untiringly in the church as a Parish Worker from 1977.  For a number of years she could be seen riding her Honda 50 around the streets of Dedworth – “the Nun on the pink motor bike”.  She left the Parish in the Autumn of 1992 to join another community in Somerset, before moving to work in Stoke on Trent, and then Brixton in London.   She is currently doing pastoral work with the inmates at Wormwood Scrubs.  She has kept in contact with members at All Saints and visits occasionally.

Following Revd. Stone’s decision to move on to a parish in North London, there was an Interregnum before Revd. Peter Duncan Atkinson was appointed as Priest in 1986.  Peter and his wife Anne soon settled into the community with their two sons, Richard and Stephen.


The Atkinsons moved on to another appointment in Aylesbury in December 1993.

After an interregnum of 11 months Revd. Louise Margaret Brown MBE was appointed.   Revd. Louise started her work as Priest-in-Charge at All Saints in October 1994.  She was made Vicar of Dedworth (with Freehold) in 1996.

In 2004 Louise took on the additional role of Priest-in-charge of St Andrew’s, Clewer – a reversal of roles from the first 100 years!  In Spring 2005 it was agreed that she would continue to run both parishes for a period of five years striving to bring the two congregations closer together, and with them, to help to spread the Good News across the area and serve the spiritual needs of the community.  The Bishop licensed Louise for her new role for this period on October 7th 2005.  Louise’s work at St Andrew’s ended when Revd. Rosie Webb was appointed as Vicar of St Andrew’s.

Louise was awarded the MBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list in 2005 for her tireless work in the community including her role as padre for the army during the Iraq war.

On Sunday 18th October 2008 Rev. Louise celebrated 25 years since her initial ordination as a Deaconess on this day in 1983 at Barkham Church, near Wokingham. Her training was for two years in Bristol Theological college and a year in Topeka, Kansas, USA in a psychiatric hospital where she was chaplain. After ordination she served for nine months in her home parish at Barkham and Arborfield and then became a curate at St. John’s Woodley. During this time she became a Deacon and was among the first group of women in the C of E to do so. Eight years later she left Woodley and had a year of being unemployed due to the women’s ministry issues. She then served as a chaplain in the Royal Berkshire Hospital before moving to her childhood village of Shinfield for two years where she was ordained a priest before her move to Dedworth.

After serving at All Saints for almost 24 years Revd Louise decided to retire as a Parish Priest in May 2018 at her 65th birthday.  Her last service at All Saints was on 20th May.  Louise has moved away from Windsor and is acting as Chaplain to the Horse Racing industry in Southern England.
Following a short interregnum our new priest, Revd. Nigel Richards was installed by the Bishop of Reading on 1st October 2018.    Nigel has moved to Windsor from Warfield where he worked as a Curate at Warfield Church.
Revd. Nigel Richards is now the current priest of our church to date.