The Running Man Returns

A long time ago… (on Saturday 12th April, 2014) the Church went to Langley Park for Orienteering / Treasure Hunt / Geocaching with Picnic. We introduced a lot of people to Geocaching (What is Geocaching?) and about 50 of us “discretely” found the “Duke of Marlborough” cache, and dropped off The Running Man “Travel Bug” to start his journey.



The Running Man                              The Running Man Travel Bug


After 4 years and 1 month he has travelled 19,720 miles, visiting 458 geocaches, and has returned to All Saints Dedworth, to accompany Louise on her future travels.


Thanks to Caliber7 (Geocaching name) he even witnessed the 2017 full solar eclipse in Russellville, Kentucky, USA and a hot air balloon!


Check out his complete journey at: